As the GOP watches women drift toward Obama and the Democratic party yet again, it feels a little bit like being stood up at the gates of the county fair because your best girl instead went to a fancy club with some rich jerk in a Porsche.

The media have been running a steady barrage of stories about how great the Democrats are for women and how women are voting for Obama over any GOP contender.

USA Today recently ran a poll claiming only 30 percent of women voters liked Romney. It was tailor-made to carry the narrative of evil male Republicans fighting a “war on women.”

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz told CNN on Sunday that the GOP is “callous and insensitive” toward women because of fights over funding for Planned Parenthood and the “Slutgate” flap, when Rush Limbaugh called out the Democrats and poster girl Sandra Fluke for changing the debate about President Obama’s gross violation of churches’ constitutional rights into a slapfest about whether health insurance should pay for condoms and abortion pills.

(There’s something especially low-class about arguing in favor of taxpayer-funded abortions and encouraging promiscuity on Easter Sunday, but that’s a Democrat for you.)

Obama on Friday also blasted the Republicans, saying the issues in what the Washington Post dubbed “the national debate over women” had been “oversimplified.”

Funny, I thought the national debate was over the continuing bad economy, growing socialism, constitutional violations and Obama’s role in all of them.

Just like good men have often wondered why women seem to fall for the guys who just want to take advantage of them, it’s frustrating to see women falling for the Democrats’ line about defending women’s rights.

While the GOP is far from perfect, it actually respects women, whereas the Democratic Party promotes policies that are anything but in women’s best interests.

Conservatives want to encourage stable, healthy relationships and strong families in secure communities. They want women to be respected and given proper health care.

Liberals on the other hand want policies that encourage reckless promiscuity, wanton destruction of unborn human lives, broken relationships, and taxpayer funding of medical procedures that are physically and emotionally dangerous for women and devastating to communities over the long term.

Liberal policies favor women walking around topless in public, working as prostitutes, “hooking up” frequently, having teen sex, killing children or bearing them out of wedlock, and “marrying” other women.

Liberal policies are all about women acting like and being treated as sex objects rather than as valued individuals.

The current effort to rally women voters to the Democrat banner is the fruit of the Sandra Fluke testimony to a panel organized by congressional Democrat women. In other words, the Democrats actually set a trap for conservative pundits — that Rush fell into — to produce a situation where a woman, symbolizing women in general, was subjected to public “abuse,” then manipulated the media to make themselves look like the champions of women.

It’s a classic pattern of behavior.

The GOP is the keeper — the stable, upright, slightly dull guy who’s willing to dedicate himself to a lifetime with one woman and working to make her happy.

The Democratic Party is the abusive jackass who uses a woman, slaps her around some, then brings her flowers because he wants some more.

So, as Telly Savalas used to say, who loves ya baby?