I don’t know about you but I’ve been thinking about the state of our nation. Where do we find ourselves at this point in our history? I believe we are in the worst shape and have the worst outlook ahead I have seen in my lifetime. Some may disagree. There may be those who still believe we are on our way to the top and the country’s best days are ahead. But those who believe this must not be paying attention to what is going on around them.
I’ve been there before, you may have too. When you’re on auto-pilot and not paying attention, life is good—you have a job and things are going great. Problems outside your small world don’t enter the picture. It’s always a great ride on auto-pilot, but it is not necessarily an accurate ride. I believe the worst of America’s problems lie ahead. And there is a sinister reason why we as a nation find ourselves here at this crossroads which I explain herein.

We all know the nation’s deficit is out of control and will bankrupt the country, yet we move forward to increase it every year as if mounting debt doesn’t matter. Speaking about the looming economic crisis, Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner may have accidently confessed something to America. Paraphrasing, he told us that in the twenty-two years he has been in Washington that Congress has kicked the can down the road many times without ever doing the hard work of finding solutions and that it is now time to stop. His statement confused me. Apparently Boehner and others have been kicking the can down the road this whole time and just going along to get along. Why didn’t he do something about it? And if he was not willing to don the hard work of finding solutions, why didn’t he quit and give someone else a chance?

We have financial crisis after financial crisis. Where did these come from? Or were they created to never let a crisis go to waste as the President’s ex-Chief of Staff said. I hate to say it but frankly, I don’t like Republicans or Democrats. I think they are both guilty of malfeasance in office. Neither has stopped playing the game. Their failure to address our fiscal problems costs America every day they continue to play.

The public education system is so poisoned with special interest groups and union demands it no longer functions. We let it continue, regardless of what our children are taught, or not taught. According to liberal educators (indoctrinators) if our children end up being gay, bi-sexual, transsexual, or transgender, it can only be because that is who they are. It couldn’t be what they were taught, what they were indoctrinated into. Further, it should come as no surprise when our children learn to hate America or without ever learning its rich and worthy history.

Why do we accept this? Is it because we are afraid to offend someone by speaking out? Or is it because we have grown accustomed to mediocrity in education regardless of how much money is thrown at the problem? Sub-standard education could cost our children and grandchildren their very lives? And we will always wonder what they might have been if taught things of importance.
It has taken decades of indoctrination from the gay rights movement for them to come out of the shadows. They have wrongly shamed us into submission for fear of being unfair or biased. Now other groups have caught on and use the same tactics but add in scary names like racist. The Democrats are using this same shame game so effectively the Republicans accept it and feel they must change and follow the Democrats. All claim America must change. And it has, but not for the better. The hard truth is that Americans must change, not America.

We have come to the point where illegal aliens have more rights and get more from our government than American citizens. And we are expected to accommodate them, allow them to stay in America illegally without consequence and pay for the entitlements they receive from the government. Where is America’s champion? We can’t have one. That would be unfair.
We now live in a country were crime pays and consequences never come. Many jails are under federal order to keep populations down. Thus, only the worst of the worst are kept in jail while others are given early release. Some are sentenced one day and released the next. And in some cases it doesn’t matter if you have a long criminal history. Frankly, these criminals are our children, children who never learned that actions have consequences. But in this brave new world, consequences are rarely seen. Why would a criminal stop committing crimes if there are no negative consequences for his actions?
Everyone must be a victim of something but responsible for nothing. There is always an excuse for unacceptable behavior: a bad childhood, a medical ailment, or something else such as candy bars or pastries.

We can’t feed our own children in the public schools. The School Lunch Program is mandatory. Why is poverty worse than ever even when there are so many programs to eliminate it? We have programs for bullies but can’t stop the bullying. Think about that. What will happen when the can has been kicked to the end of the road? If you think poverty and crime are bad now wait until then. The one thing I can guarantee is that the politicians who blazed the trail to get us into this mess will be long gone from office before the crash occurs.

We can’t celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving or Easter for fear of offending someone. Everything must be generic. There can be no black and white, only shades of gray. But girls can wear burka’s to class. People sue anyone for anything, and businesses are nothing but targets for bigger lawsuits. According to liberals, America is to blame for the world’s ills. We are the great Satan! We are responsible for everything bad that happens and therefore must pay countries for causing their problems.
We have to provide healthcare for everyone in America even though in the end “everyone” will break the system. Eventually our loved ones will not be able to get the medical care they need. This will be especially true of the elderly, children with congenital problems and anyone with extended health problems. Those with serious long-term health problems will be a great burden on the healthcare system so they will have to be either eliminated or denied services to benefit the greater good.

We have to be controlled concerning what we eat and the size of our drinks. We have to be taxed on everything to pay everyone else. We are responsible for global warming and climate change. America is a plague on the Earth. This is the mantra of radical eco-liberals. The mentally ill walk the street and can’t be forced to take medication. They cannot be locked up to protect themselves and society. Even at the cost of human lives. It’s their right to be mentally ill, not take medication and prey on society if they choose.

I have now summarized the bulk of America’s problems. So what does it all mean? And is there a solution? The sad truth is – many Americans view America as the great Satan. They think our country is demon possessed and in need of cleansing. But there is a solution. And yes, it has come to this. America needs an Exorcism. Exorcism is the eviction of demons or evil spiritual entities from a person or place, in this case, America. An exorcism is performed by a priest. So against all odds we will have to let God enter the conversation.

Once the exorcism is complete and the evil of America has been purged we must do the following: Do not allow anyone into the country. Keep American citizens within our borders. Keep our borders sealed. Do not send money to other countries. Do not allow trade with other countries. Keep communications closed. Do not help others in the world. Come to the aid of none. Stay in isolation. Vote out all politicians and political parties and start over with Americans in office. All done in case the evil comes back. You know how this type of thing always has sequels.

The point is this! America has done so much for so many others all at our own expense. And every time someone burns our flag they disrespect its very meaning and the lives which were lost in giving them that opportunity to burn it. If America’s own citizens can’t get a break why should anyone else? You get the point, right?