Hey! Democrats! Leave them kids alone!

Political correctness is apparently more important than educating children. At least that’s the message I take away from a Colorado Democrat’s plan to defund schools that have “unauthorized” mascots. Wielding the self-righteous tomahawk of political correctness, Democrat Joe Salazar has decided to leverage Colorado’s pawns kids as a bargaining chip in his effort to rid the world of “offensive” Native American mascots.

Under the Thornton legislator’s plan, schools will be required to seek permission from Native American tribes for their western-themed mascots, or go without any state funding. (On the bright side, I can now honestly say I’ve seen a Democrat propose a substantial cut to the state’s education spending.) Glossing over the fact that mascots are rarely chosen through malice (after all, no one is asking to use Salazar as a mascot), deciding to strip all K-12 funding because of a team name seems a little draconian.

Salazar has defended his school de-funding program, claiming it is necessary for an inclusive, and sensitive, public policy agenda. After all, we can’t have schools going around naming their teams after some noble piece of Western heritage… I mean, there’s a possibility that someone might get offended, right? Don’t we all have the right to never be offended? Isn’t that listed somewhere in the Bill of Rights, or something? (Seriously, I will pay handsomely for an effective sarcasm font.)

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