Barack Hussein Obama was elected President of the United States
of America.  This is fact.  How he got there is open to question,
serious question.  More and more fraudulent voting practices are
being uncovered almost daily.  Perhaps the most insidious element
to all this lies in the act of surrounding himself with others in
the highest offices who firmly believe that to achieve power they
must emasculate our precious Constitution, Bill of Rights and
even pollute the moral ground on which this nation stands.
Denials come to mind: “this won’t increase your taxes by one
dime,” “your right to keep your present insurance if you like
it.”  Latest figures guarantee that millions now will lose their
insurance, liking it or not.

Digging deeper into the ACA (Affordable Care Act) is now
beginning to appear as more, much more, veiled voter registration
of the multi-millions of illegal, low (or no) income population
than actual health care.  This has been totally covered up and/or
ignored by even those opposed to the act.  And denials to the
damaging effects of this abomination continue to obfuscate the
true intent of the worst job killing act in recent memory.

It began as little denials.  They escalated to vehement denials.
And then came slight inabilities to do regular activities.
Regular board games and card games were frustrating and painful.
And, yes, memory continued downhill until one day I sat back and
reviewed all that had preceded and realized life had taken an
unwelcome direction.  Dementia and Alzheimer had entered the
picture of tranquility that we had enjoyed for well over fifty
years.  My wife had entered this world of unforgiveness and would
not return.  I should have realized it some years earlier when
she insisted that the new garbage bag wouldn’t open – she
insisted that it was just a single piece of plastic.  When I
opened it for her and placed it into the garbage bucket, she said

Several years ago we were in an international airport awaiting a
connecting flight amid all the frantic traffic, and she
disappeared.  I was absolutely frantic and didn’t know which way
to turn.  We only had so many minutes to reach our gate and a
feeling of helplessness overwhelmed me such as I had never known
before.  She couldn’t remember where we were going and I had all
the tickets and flight information – and I couldn’t find her.
About then the Heavens really opened up and I heard a voice
saying: “Mr. Leupp, please proceed to such and such area for your
wife.”  I thanked God that she remembered my name.  I never left
her out of my sight after that.  These were the beginnings of
circumstances that changed our lives forever.

I learned to cook; keep house; do the things that she was so
accomplished at doing.  It was an exceedingly poor replacement
for her marvelous ingenuity, her talents, generosity,
resourcefulness, and so much more than an “equal” partner could
expect.  She drew, painted, sang, arranged flowers,
entertained…there didn’t seem to be anything that she couldn’t
do.  She infused beauty and music into our family such as I had
not the talent.  And now it was fading into bleakness …and I
knew that it would only get worse.

Three years ago, she climbed a small ladder to “talk” over the
wall to the dog next door.  On the way back down, she missed a
step, fell and shattered her hip.  Hospitalization, two major
surgeries and then a stroke that paralyzed her left side, left
her totally dependent on critical care.  About the only thing she
remembers is my face; short term and long term memories are gone
– the disconnect seems total.  When one of our sons visited
recently, he had to tell her who he was.  We “celebrated” our
59th anniversary this year and with all the memories, both joyful
and painful, as I recounted the “journey” with her – there was
nothing but a blank stare.  Fifty nine years of sharing
everything in our lives with each other and, suddenly, it’s all

How do you prepare for life such as this?  I can’t tell you any
more than this: love your spouse, your family, and treat each day
as if it is your last.  Honor God, love your neighbors as
yourself and be patient, loving and forgiving with those you
don’t understand.

As for the ACA, and the Obama regime, together they stand as the
political Alzheimer’s Disease of our country and I doubt if any
“super pill” will correct either one.  God knows our
circumstances; In Him, and Him alone, we trust.