The Virginia saga comes to an end…or does it?  Ken Cuccinelli
probably had his worst suspicions confirmed with this week’s
election for Virginia Governor.  The old adage that if you can’t
win honestly, use any subterfuge necessary, comes to mind.  In
this case, employing an unelectable third candidate to siphon off
enough votes for an adversary worked exceedingly well for his
opponent.  Oft’times that even avoids the “necessity” of stuffing
the ballot boxes…or, at least, making it seem legal.  Offering
a third candidate, of course, is not new to the political process
and actually is not necessarily illegal…just dirty politics.
Joseph Farah asked, “Where was the Tea Party?”  Well, Joe, I
think they were out drinking tea!  But, no, I think we are at the
point now in the political arena where any honest, decent,
upright person running for office is immediately up against both
predominant parties.  The Independents don’t really have a party
and their adherents are mostly those who can’t stand to align
with either of the others, due to anger, disagreement or

Thus, the Tea Party.  Bucking the trend of the major parties,
however, is a most daunting undertaking and will take more time
to ferment.  Hopefully, we will begin to see more progress in
years to come as more and more voters arise to contest the slimy
politics emerging from both parties.  Will we see it in my
lifetime?  I can only hope.

In the meantime, support for those who honestly enter the arena
only long enough to make a difference and get our once great
country back on the right track, is needed now more than ever.
Select the candidate for the job and give him/her all the support
and encouragement possible.  For any senator or representative of
either party who strays from the party line, the message is
immediate: tow it or get out.  Democrat Casey comes to mind.  And
now the GOP seems to be sacrificing some of their best in years
in order to suck up to the status quo.  One would think that
there would be enough wisdom in this “magic number” of 535 to
realize the drastic direction this country is headed!  And have
enough of a conscience and resolve to do their best to get the
car back on the road.  We’ve been in the ditch so long now that
they all must think that this bumpy road is just natural.  Well,
it isn’t.

In Senate hearings this week, Republican Senator Snowe was so
well informed that she insisted they vote for the radical
ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act)…because even LL BEAN
approves of it.  This bill is another train wreck to our once
reputable estate.  The polite verbiage about it “ending
discrimination” in the workplace is just another false and
deceptive war on decency that knows no end.  Forcing any company
to hire any LGBT to work for you if “it” wants to, is against any
rational hiring practices ever conceived.  But the radical
homosexuals and their left-wing fellow travelers seem to have
convinced (or cowed) even those sitting on the fence to
condescend to this travesty; by force.  That has always been the
strategy of those who can’t win honestly: bludgeon your adversary
into compliance.  Galations 6:7 comes to mind: “Be not deceived;
God is not mocked:  For whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also
reap.” (KJV) We are reaping the whirlwind of wickedness more
every day and it keeps getting worse…the blind will not see,
nor the hearing hear.  Our foundations are crumbling into dust
and those who are fighting to rebuild are scorned.  Read Nehemiah
2:10.  A righteous nation can succeed if its people can focus on
principle…and stand the heat.  The alternative is unthinkable.