“Advertisers are abandoning the recession-traumatized Gen Y millennials who are not as eager as previous generations to become saddled with possessions–a sentiment reflected in low home ownership rates and the thriving “sharing economy.” They have moved on to Generation Z–those 17 and younger–as the demographic in the crosshairs of brands and retailers, like Apple, who understand these teens’ materialistic spending habits are the antithesis of their financially conservative older brothers and sisters.

Millennials, who graduated college during a recession and watched their parents struggle with layoffs, aren’t attached to possessions, Jamie Gutfreund, chief marketing officer at digital marketing agency Deep Focus, told Investor’s Business Daily. He observes that millennials see property like cars and homes weighing them down. They see themselves as “have-nots.” They prefer renting, riding Uber, and buying on Craig’s List.” – Chriss W. Street, June 22.

Too many Gen Y millennials are already saddled with expensive college degrees that will never be of any value. Let’s say the economy does a miraculous turn around. Those who didn’t enter the workforce upon graduation will not be considered for positions; rather these jobs will go to the most recent graduates. We all know this.

Jamie Gutfreund is wrong. Millennials don’t see property like cars and homes weighing them down, cars and homes are simply out of their financial grasp. One must be of a liberal bent to deny that Millennials would love to get married, have children, buy a nice home to raise those children in, and move on with their lives never to be forced into riding Uber again. They don’t prefer Craig’s List; it is all they are left with, all they can afford.

The article is in reference to Apple agreeing to pay artists during the free-trial period of its new subscription music service. Apple, used to getting its way in the halls of Congress, was demanding artists forego royalties during the free-trial period. When artists balked they were told that their music would not be carried on iTunes. When Taylor Swift threatened to pull her latest album from the service; Apple caved. This proves that it takes a bully to beat back a bully; Apple will do what it should have done all along had the corporation any sense of decency in the first place.

Apple represents the many ways American corporations and legislators have acted in concert against the best interests of America. Having let a whole American generation slip through the cracks they continue to behave as bullies; secret trade pacts prove this point.

The article states that Apple has 2 billion in the bank. How many factories do they have in the United States? Having financially raped Gen Y millennials Apple is now leering at their little brothers and sisters. This is what passes for a modern business plan. It further explains why liberals want to renegotiate the term “American Dream”. They do not have an upgrade in mind.

The Primo Liberal Triumvirate of (please put your hand over your heart in respect) Women, Minorities, and Gays will create no jobs for any generation. The Liberal Triumvirate Secundo of (you need only stand quietly) climate change, poverty, and world peace will also not obtain a living. In this post-post modern-modern era the causes Primo and causes Secundo are designed to bring about the one-world socialism so desired by the left. Having left millions dead in Soviet Russia and around the world, socialism is the one ism liberals love with all of their hearts. They are certain they will get it right this time. They are so special, you see.

Their special brand of socialism demands Americans become poor in order to make things equal.

They are so special that it never occurs to them to lift other nations up to American standards through true Capitalism, not phony crony capitalism as practiced by Tim Cook and Congress today.

Apple is no capitalist. Do Capitalists tell workers to expect no remuneration for their work just while the new project gets off the ground? Did the construction crew build the first two floors of Tim Cook’s mansion for free, just until it got off the ground?  Socialists conscript the labor of others in the name of the State. Welcome to State Apple. Like any socialist, Apple is out to dominate; to tell you what to buy, how much you will spend, how long the product should last, what will be your next choice, and that The Company is always right as long as their lobbyists are firmly in control of Congress. America doesn’t matter when you look at the whole thing globally. Gen Y Millennials don’t matter when you look at the whole thing globally.

But the next time a twenty-something runs off to join ISIS remember that there was no American Dream left for them. There was only a renegotiated diploma and debt. There were no rules, everybody marries everybody and you are weird if you think otherwise. Liberal have crowded out the reality that twenty year olds are partially driven by the urge to procreate. Post Liberation women stand a better chance of finding a man in Syria; pajama boy is a liberal ideal based upon nothing resembling evolutionary reality.

Or the next time a twenty-something fires off a gun in a church remember that he was not a member of the Primo Triumvirate. His feminist teachers started to drug him at age seven because he acted like a boy. Doctors, parents, teachers, Pharma, Principals, and the State all kept him in a drug induced semi-coma in which he was too fuzzy to identify his problems and work them out. I bet there are at least 10 signs declaring his elementary school a “Drug Free Zone”.

“Advertisers are abandoning the recession-traumatized Gen Y millennials…”

Yeah, they are the last rats off a ship everyone else abandoned years ago.