If one were to look for safety, this is not the world to be
in.  It appears that we are surrounded on all sides: Ebola
from Africa; Islamic jihad from you know where; infiltrators
from south of the border and beyond and black (well-fed)
knockout and hoodlum gangs from our midst.  Can it get
worse?  Let’s not even think about it.  Some, we could
fight, but don’t – and that’s perhaps the biggest problem.
Political correctness is killing us.  This started a long
time ago with the pols and courts redefining murder with a
hundred different adjectives.  The fact remains: when a
man is murdered, he’s dead.  Dead.  Doesn’t make much
different to him what clever device was used, he’s still

So I suppose soon it will be unlawful to call Ebola, Ebola.
Might upset someone – might have to question airline
passengers if they feel ill – or a mob of young toughs if
they really mean harm – or those who sneak across our
borders if they have papers… I think it’s worth saying
that I would feel no harm coming from a man sporting a
sidearm on his hip but would be very cautious being in the
vicinity of a young bunch of hoodlums even with no artillery
showing.  Is there a point to all this?

We are living in an age that has fallen victim to violence
on so many fronts.  First, decay usually starts with
families who lose control of their children, or are not even
there after birthing them.  The tragedy of parentless guides
is so apparent in today’s culture.  When a young thug was
interviewed recently as to why they ganged up on a car
driven by a woman with a child, he said: “It’s fun!”  This
thug probably is living on government subsidy like the rest
of his gang and probably has no parental guidance because
his parents had none either; even if he has parents, which
is unlikely.

Unless extreme measures are taken to remove the freeloader
hordes from taxpayer subsidies, redefine poverty as a lack
of essential food, housing and clothing, and give them all
sixty-ninety days to find a job, things will only continue
in a downward spiral.  There are jobs out there!  Two people
I talked with just last week told me that they found a job
the first day they tried.  The caveat here: don’t “demand”
perks – if it’s a job you want, take one that’s offered –
and go from there.  Show your willingness to work and
you’ll be rewarded.  This concept seems so strange to those
who now live like kings on other people’s money.

So the new invasion to confuse the already string of
blunders we’re facing, Ebola, should divert all the
attention paid to Benghazi, open borders, IRS scandal,
fraudulent voting … the list is too long.  But the latest
scare – if we can call it that – is probably none of our
esteemed leader’s manipulation.  So, a pass may be due.  But
this pass is only good for one admittance – the dues are
still to be paid on all the other misadventures.  Fast and
Furious has never been settled – and probably never will be,
with the “power” behind “justice” working against “We, the
people.”  I suspect “General” Holder, along with his
accomplice, has figured out an even more devious road ahead.
It would not be a big surprise if the Demos and their puppet
had their eyes on a Supreme Court vacancy.  Watch out,
folks, schemers never tire.