In a move that is certain to evoke cries of “Foul!” from the left, the police chief of Detroit is responding to the recent rash of brazen home invasions with an iconoclastic message to homeowners: “If you are confronted with an immediate threat to your safety, you’re not going to have time to dial 911.”
Check it out:

In an interview with station WDIV, the Motor City’s top cop, James Craig, said
A lot of good Detroiters are fed up. The message should be that, you know, people are going to protect themselves. They’re tired, they’ve been dealing with this epidemic of violence, they’re afraid and they have a right to protect themselves.

Detroit has had four cases recently in which armed homeowners defended themselves. In two of the instances, the intruders were killed.

Craig underwent an epiphany on the issue of an armed citizenry in 2009 after leaving the Los Angeles Police Department, where he had served for 28 years, to accept a job as police chief of Portland, Maine. In Maine, concealed carry permits are a commonplace. Craig soon learned that “suspects knew that good Americans were armed,” prompting him to declare that “Maine is one of the safest places in America.”

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