Will Hollywood support a Republican for Governor of California?

Well, so far so good it seems because Candidate Tim Donnelly has the full support of Saturday Night Live alumni and loveable star of stage and big-screen, Mr. Rob Schneider, ladies and gentleman..

What? I thought all those Hollywood types were liberal Democrats? Wrong – Ann-Marie Murrell of PolitiChicks.tv lands an exclusive scoop of a life-long Hollywood Democrat “switching parties for the right reasons” (VIDEO BELOW).

There are plenty of conservatives working in Hollywood – although mostly are hiding out for fear of retribution from the plenty of far-left liberals who hold many of their livelihoods in their hot little hands. Don’t believe it? Trust me, there is a real danger coming out of the conservative closet in LA – and our hats off to the talented and ballsy Rob Schneider for proudly endorsing the Republican Tim Donnelly.

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