When you think of the devil, some see a red guy with a pitch-fork, pointy-beard and horns. Or maybe goat’s feet and a curly red tail. Or even Elizabeth Hurley in that movie; “Bedazzled.” Okay, that was for the guys. But when I think of the devil, only one name comes to mind: Wendy Davis.

Yes, that Wendy Davis – the State Senator from Fort Worth running for Governor of Texas. She’s the devil. Why do I say that? Because on a campaign stop at the University of Texas on November 5th, Wendy Davis said she’s “Pro-Life.”

Now, to people who know even a little bit about Wendy Davis and her history of support and promotion of legalized abortion of every sort, this comes as a surprise. Wendy Davis is a lot of things, but Pro-life is about as wrong as you could possibly get. This is such an outlandish statement of untruth, that as we speak, Barack Obama is bowing down on the seventh fairway in awe of it’s wonder. Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, and Pol Pot just turned a darker shade of red. When Adolph Hitler heard Wendy Davis say she was “Pro-life,” he rolled over, woke up Satan and said; “You know, you could learn something from this bitch…. bitch.”

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