If I were the Devil, I would be the World’s Leader and all Nations would pay homage to the “Prince of Darkness”. I’d engulf the Earth with a dark fear and bitter hopeless oppression yielding subservience to me. In 1964 I’d own 1/3 of its Real Estate and 4/5’s of its population. Still, I wouldn’t be happy until I had seized its ripest apple on the tree, America, THEE. So, I would go about utilizing whatever deviates were at my disposal to eviscerate and begin usurping the Superpower and Blessed United States, to bow it’s knee to Me.

I would have conjured up the most deviously brilliant and insidious 50 year plan to unleash upon the   unsuspecting pretentious United States lulling them into my way of thinking.

If I were the Devil in 1964, first on my to-do list would be subverting the Churches with all their God lovers. I’d begin with a campaign of whispers and gossip, followed by finger pointing and back-stabbing. With the wisdom of a serpent I’d whisper to them as I whispered to Eve, just do as you please.

For the young, I would have promoted unscrupulous teachers instructing them the bible was a myth. I’d slowly indoctrinate them that Man created god instead of the other way around. I would confide in them that what’s considered bad was awesome good and what’s considered good by their parents is outdated (flat earth thinking). To Young and Old alike I would teach them to pray after me, our Father, the Government, who art in Washington give us our daily Food-Stamps (snap cards).

Then I’d get organized. I would educate writers in how to make a lurid, horrific story exciting so that anything else would appear dull and uninteresting, (also stretching the Truth in every article just a little bit). I’d cue TV producers to shows dirtier and more violent movies and movie makers to make them more dirty, violent and bloody. I’d keep this up until I evoked a whole generation to have an incessant taste for blood, gore and torture for their everyday entertainment appetite fulfillment.

I’d extend this same thrill-seeking thinking into music lyrics and videos but I’d interject sexual perversions to tantalize and titillate their senses egging them on to explore their bodies and others more frequently. I’d make your kids believe loose morals and lasciviousness was normal acts for their average day, but please remember all, I have 50 years to program them to think that way.

I’d introduce birth control for the ladies, freeing their minds of guilt and removing any convictions they may hold to religious behavior. With this achievement I’d add a bonus, I’d beguile the Judges into legalizing abortions under the guise women should have the right to control their own bodies. There would be “burning of the bra’s” in the streets, for women’s rights would be recognized all over the World, changing forever their thinking. It is known, as America goes so goes the World.

I’d peddle Narcotics to whomever I could from grade school to high school but I’d start with academia college kids. I’d sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction. I’d have them drinking and smoking on all the TV programs in movies and on the pages of the magazines; giving the illusion it’s acceptable and cool habitual for their roll model’s, “the Hollywood elite”. Then I’d tranquilize the rest of them with pills and pot.  Pretty soon all actors, entertainers and associates in Hollywood would be addicted to something and college students would be drop-outs, with little incentive towards learning.

If I were the Devil I would soon have families at war with themselves, increased infidelity, alcoholism and divorce. Leaving single moms with no choice but to work long hours in low income jobs raising their children with no supervision. I’d pit Church against Church trying to fill the pews by making them more patron friendly, with whatever they wanted to hear. Sex outside of marriage, birth control too, it’s ok with us if that’s what you want to do, just keep giving to the Church and I’ll pray for you.

Then, of course I’d stir up trouble so Nations would war with Nations until each in its own turn was consumed. With promises of higher ratings I’d have a mesmerized Media fanning these flames and heralding the news that America is evolving.

If I were the Devil I would encourage schools to refine young intellects but neglect to discipline their emotions, just let those run wild. Before you know it you’d have drug sniffing dogs and metal detectors at every school house door. Within a decade I would have prisons overflowing and judges promoting pornography.

I’d pursue my goal of stealthily conquering and dismantling the U.S., my final frontier, with the enemy from within. By imposing my vision of socialistic ideas into the venal minds of politicians in Govt., I would thereby be swaying their lawmaking decisions in my direction.

I would evict God from the Courthouse, then from the Schoolhouse and finally from the Houses of Congress with a chasm so wide against God it would be made law. I’d have that law held in high esteem within all fields (forefront in the minds) of Govt. workers. It would separate Church from State and every Attorney would threaten to sue all Bible believer’s at every turn. It would eventually become a mantra from everyone’s lips to shut down the discussion before it got started to keep God at bay.

In God’s own Churches I would substitute Psychology for Religion and Deity for Science. I’d throw in a side order of irrational fanatics making, “sports” a new idol on Sunday to keep them in the stands and away from the church pews. Eventually fans would get their way, demanding that liquor be sold on Sundays too.

I would lure Priests and Pastors into sexually misusing boys and girls and the Churches money.

I would have Sex and Money so addictively alluring to promiscuous men and Pedophile’s never quenching lust that it would turn into unrestrained pornography, kidnapping and sex trafficking of your Children for Sexual Sport and a lucrative money making business across Nations.

If I were the Devil I would make the symbol of Easter be an Egg so that secular minded people would join in and retailers could entice propaganda and paraphernalia sells of the Holliday to the point that it would lose its sacred meaning. Of course I’d use the same technique with the symbol of Christmas, to be a Tree and a “bottle” of Holiday Cheer.

If I were the Devil I would take from those who had and give to those who want it until I had killed the incentive of the ambitious. I would caution against extremes, Patriotism, moral conduct and setting goals of achievement through hard work. Systemic mediocrity would rule everyone’s emotions and be the new attitude.

What do you want to bet that I couldn’t get whole States to permit gambling as a way to get rich and lax their morale to work?

I would convince the 20’s and 30’s age that Marriage was “Old Fashion”; that having lots of partners and even same sex partners was way more fun. That what you see on TV and MTV was the way to be.

I have no doubt even with no credentials, just empty promises of stardom, I could undress young girls in public or on the movie screen. I could lure them into bed with a stranger with diseases for which there are no cures and they would beg me to let them do it, to get their name in lights.

In other words If I were the Devil I would just keep on doing what he has been doing for 50 years right up to now. Today being 2013, do you see any of this as reality? I depose his 50 year plan is right on tract and sincerely almost accomplished, but let’s get another opinion.

I just allowed you a glimpse of the beginning pathway that started a 50 yr. plan unfolding. If I were the Devil then I’d ask you, my dear readers, to evaluate my progress and rate of success from start to finish. Keep in mind completion of my 50 year goal is only a year away and under Mr. Obama’s watch it has traveled at warp speed.