Recent Justice Department documents show a case of homegrown terrorism with links to an international group have popped up every two to three weeks since January 2009. Just last week, a 22-year-old Pennsylvania man was accused of using the Internet to encourage domestic attacks by jihadists.

“We cannot presume that a threat would come at us from abroad, so the whole notion of violent extremism happening within our shores is very different,” Napolitano said.

The new report claims information sharing has been expanded since 9/11 and a multilayered approach to airline security has been adopted. Intelligence is used more broadly to identify high-risk passengers and cargo before they enter the U.S. The agency contends those measures could lead to less-invasive screening in the future.

“What is called divestment,” Napolitano said. “[A]ll the things you have to take off as you go through the (airport) gate – we’ll be able to relieve some of those restrictions over time.”

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