Ayo Kimathi is a black supremist, who says in order for blacks to survive, they must kill large numbers of whites. Ayo Kimathi, who writes under the pen name of the “Irritated Genie”, works for the DHS. (Department of Homeland Security) Even more troubling is his job at the DHS, which is to buy guns and ammunition.

During the evenings and on the weekends, he prepares for the coming race war and spewing diatribes about gays. He says he believes the white man is encouraging black men to turn gay. His site is named “War is on the Horizon.”

DHS employees like Kimathi, must get their supervisor’s permission to have this type of outside activity. Kimathi used the initials only (WOH) when he applied and described the site as one that sells concert tickets and lecture tapes. Kimathi’s former supervisor said that she visited the site and was horrified. The unnamed supervisor said that if the true content of Kimathi’s site had been known, he would not have been approved.

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