Here comes First Do No Harm — a concise, clear delineation of ObamaCare and some possible health care solutions. What makes this book — part of a new Tea Party series from HarperCollins — all the more intriguing is that it comes from President Obama’s cousin (okay, second cousin, once removed). Dr. Milton Wolf likes to say that he is the “only Tea Partier the president knows.”

Both Dr. Wolf and the president lost a parent at an early age — Dr. Wolf’s father from pancreatic cancer, the president’s mother from ovarian cancer. (As an aside, my mother died from breast cancer when I was 16.) Interestingly, the president’s mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Indonesia, yet she chose to come back to the USA for treatment — first at Sloan-Kettering in New York and later in Hawaii.

The president and Dr. Wolf took different lessons from their experiences. Dr. Wolf was grateful for having the best health care system in the world; the president lamented the costs. Yet even though Obama’s mother was not wealthy, she still received care at Sloan-Kettering, one of the best institutions in the world.

First Do No Harm also reviews how government involved itself in health care from 1929 to 2003, with all well-meaning actions resulting in increasing costs. Dr. Wolf astutely points out how health care became very political in the 1980s. State mandates “re-routed health care dollars not to the most necessary and innovative treatments, but instead to whomever had the best lobbyists.” This was the start of our current health care downfall.

Most physicians take either the oath of Hippocrates or the oath of Maimonides. With these two time-honored oaths, we promise to be our individual patients’ champion and, above all, to do no harm. Under ObamaCare, the physician’s oath will be “to the health of the state” — and to the individual patient no longer.

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