Now, I have to analyze this, folks. I just can’t let this go.  Let’s just take this line by line.  “The president has a big victory here.  It’s big because it means there won’t be a tax increase at the first of the year[.]”  Dick, the only reason we have tax increases at all in this country is because of you! You guys come along, “there won’t be a big tax increase”?  Why didn’t you cut taxes two years ago, Dick?  Why didn’t you and Obama cut taxes two years ago in the midst of the beginning of the recession?  If you want to admit to us two years after you have destroyed this economy, two years after you have purposely spent this country into a debt that it can never repay, you now want credit for not raising taxes?  And people are actually gonna swallow this and not get sick?  You guys actually want credit for not raising taxes because it’s now not gonna hurt the economy?  Well, that’s really fine and dandy, Dick, after you guys have already done as much damage to this economy as one political party could in two years! You now come along and want to claim victory because you’re not gonna damage the economy?  Dick, if tax cuts, or if not raising taxes, is a brilliant economic maneuver in times of recession, then what the hell, why didn’t you do them two years ago, Dick? Sorry, folks.  I can’t listen to this stuff and have it go in one ear and out the other.

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