My wife and I attempted to visit the “shut-down” Yosemite National Park last Thursday. A Park Policeman told us to drive straight through and not stop (to look at the majestic mountains). We were told that citations would be given to anyone who stopped. Well, I’ve got news for you, Mr. President, you didn’t build those mountains, and you can’t stop me from looking at them. You didn’t build the mountains and you can’t shut them down. Mountains don’t shut down when you want them to. We know you think you can control everything, but you can’t control mountains.

We counted over 75 cars stopped along the way in defiance of the silly, petty, punitive “don’t stop, don’t look, don’t enjoy the park” orders. The park these citizens had paid for with their tax dollars. The park run by the government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” was vindictively shut down by the government so that “the people” would know who their boss really was: the government.

This exercise in petty tyranny did not save any money for the government. It was strictly to show the citizens who was in control. And my fellow citizens, it was not us in control, despite our “by the people” ideals. It was this power-drunk administration that was in control.

This administration showed that there was no petty tyranny they would not
stoop to. The “scenic view pull-offs” from Highway 120 through the park were blocked by orange cones and yellow tape. We don’t need a ranger
in order to look at a mountain. The park service spent a lot of money and time and trouble to go to many of the scenic pull-offs and block them with traffic cones, tape, and barricade signs.

The government shutdown was supposed to be about money, as in “no money to run the government.” Well, it doesn’t cost the government any money for me to look at a mountain! Yosemite is mostly a “drive through and look” park. “Looking at a mountain” does not cost the government any money.


Near Yosemite Village, many parked cars did have white forms stuck in
their windshields. We checked, and they were not citations, but a form with the license plate of the car noted. The form reminded the car owner that the park was closed and that they were not supposed to be stopping and parking. The license plate number was a not so subtle reminder to these citizens that “we know who you are.” Park Rangers as Park Gestapo.

This administration wants to intimidate citizens and “teach them a lesson.”
The lesson is: don’t vote for Republicans or Tea Party candidates for office. Or else! Or else WE THE GOVERNMENT, OF THE GOVERNMENT, BY THE GOVERNMENT, AND FOR THE GOVERNMENT will have to teach you little citizens another lesson about WHO IS REALLY IN CONTROL!