In many crossword puzzles the question often asked is related to
periods of time.  The answer most often required is “era.”  I
haven’t quite figured out yet what moniker this present time
period will acquire.  But I’m sure it won’t be anything related
to civility, honesty, truthfulness or family.  Well, on second
thought, that’s what it’s “all” about.  Think about civility in
the obtuse: civilization is being lost and the world is rapidly
sinking into barbarity.  Genocide continues in various parts of
the world; children are being slaughtered before they’re born;
the family structure that has existed since time began is being
ripped to shreds by un-civil unions, government subsidies for
“single” parents, and even “civil” table manners have gone the
way of dinosaurs.

Where are the “honest Abes” today?  The ever-increasing schemes
being perpetrated on the public are massive indications of not
only fraud and dishonesty, but unmitigated greed.  Honesty from
government?  Are you kidding?  Can you imagine a young man who
has never had an honest job becoming President of the United
States and in four years becoming a multi-millionaire?  No; I
can’t either.  It just doesn’t sound as if honesty is involved
here…just sayin’.  There seems to be more honesty found in a
homeless man finding a bag of money and returning it to its
rightful owner than in the New York, Chicago and Federal
government we are experiencing.

And then there is truthfulness.  When has the truth emerged about
“Fast and Furious?”  “Benghazi?”  “Affordable Care Act?”  You get
the picture; and it isn’t pretty…and it certainly is not the
truth people are expecting and entitled to.  Lying and coverups
have become so everyday occurrences with Senators and
Representatives…and, well, you name it – aided and abetted by
the third estate, that it has become fashionable.  After all,
things like that can really make one rich.

Well, that gets us to “family.”  The “era” of “the family.”
Doesn’t seem to fit, does it?  Children used to be looked forward
to…being pregnant to a new married couple was a gift from God.
Now, being pregnant more often means adding another child to an
already single mother, another government subsidy check and
another absentee “father.”  Or, even worse, another addition to
the barbarity of abortion.  So, there will be no “era” of “The
Family” any time soon.  And this is the tragedy of our times.

So, what difference does “it” make?  It makes a huge difference
in the future of this once great country.  Unless there is a
countrywide change in attitudes and an awakening of the senses,
we will keep sliding further and further off the cliff of
civilization.  Where are the powerful Romes, Greeks, Persians and
Egyptians of yesterday?  Right!  They’re all gone.  We are
following the same pattern…and adding one more great
civilization to the dung-heap of “what’s the difference.”