Rep. John Dingell’s (D-Mich.) retirement might not end the Dingell dynasty in Congress.
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While the longest-serving congressman in history will end his tenure next year, his wife Debbie Dingell has long been expected to run for his seat and continue the family’s more than eight decadeslong grasp on the Detroit seat.
A Democratic powerbroker in her own right, Debbie Dingell would be the most formidable candidate to succeed her husband after flirting with a political career of her own in recent years.

“I expect she will run, yes,” Mark Gaffney, a longtime Dingell ally, former head of Michigan’s AFL-CIO affiliate and the chairman of the 12th Congressional District Democratic Party, told The Hill. “I think she’s going to take her time. You won’t see an announcement for a few days, maybe even a little longer.”

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