A disturbing and pedantic painting that depicts Capitol police as pigs has been rehung in our nation’s capital at the behest of several democrats.


The rehanging of a disturbing painting has enraged congressional republicans on Capitol Hill.

The painting , which was removed recently by a congressional republican who rightfully found it offensive, was returned to its place in the halls of Capitol Hill, where it has been a hot bed of controversy.  With its depiction of officers as pigs, aiming their guns at African American protestors, it is easy to see why the painting has been decried as insensitive and repugnant.

“Democratic lawmakers put back on display on Capitol Hill a controversial painting that angered police with its depiction of officers as pigs — after Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter personally took down the picture last week.

“The move Tuesday by members of the Congressional Black Caucus and Rep. Lacy Clay, D-Mo., whose office for months had sponsored the display of the student artwork, could revive tensions with the law enforcement community.

“But Clay told the Washington Post  he wants the Capitol Police to press theft charges against Hunter for removing the artwork Friday.

“’He had no right to take that picture down,’ Clay told the Post. ‘It’s thievery.’

“’The rehanging of this painting for public view represents more than just protecting the rights of a student artist, it is a proud statement in defense of the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which guarantees freedom of expression to every American,’ the CBC said in a news release.

“Responding Tuesday on ‘Fox & Friends,’ Hunter said: ‘The Capitol Police aren’t going to arrest me for taking down a picture that portrays them as pigs.’

“He appealed to House Speaker Paul Ryan to intervene.

“Hunter, a California lawmaker, personally unscrewed and removed the painting last week, saying he was angered by its depiction of law enforcement officers. He then delivered the painting to Clay’s office.”

The painting itself has been on display since June of 2016, and was painted by a high school student.

You can read more and see photos of the deplorable art here.