The anarchist group behind the angry hashtag “#DisruptJ20” is pushing their narrative far and wide in an attempt to bring chaos to Washington D.C.


A group of leftist anarchists are planning to shut Washington D.C. down on Inauguration Day.

The hashtag itself, which encourages unruly Americans to create pure, unadulterated chaos in Washington D.C. on January 20th, has been spreading throughout the leftist circles of the internet for weeks.  Now, with the date of Donald Trump’s inauguration just days away, further insight into the plans of the group have been made public…and they’re terrifying.

“The group, called #DisruptJ20, is planning protests in cities nationwide on Jan. 20, but the protests in Washington would receive the most attention if the protesters’ plans succeed. Organizer Legba Carrefour told the Washington Examiner the protesters’ preparations began in June and are culminating in what they call ‘Operation Cluster****.’ The #DisruptJ20 group is providing housing for 1,000 participants thus far and is working with other groups for its protest.

“‘We’re not making the argument that we’re going to stop the inauguration; that is a physical impossibility,’ Carrefour said. ‘We are making the argument that we can ruin the notion that this is a peaceful transition of power.’

“The first part of the plan involves blocking ‘all of the major ingresses into the city especially from the south,’ meaning that the protesters intend to make entering the District from Virginia an ‘absolute nightmare’ by closing highways and stopping trains headed into the city.”

This sort of un-American nonsense will only further the stereotype of the liberals as whiners and crybabies – something that has been apparent from the very beginning of Trump’s transition to power.  What is even more appropriate is that these actions by #DisruptJ20 will more than likely deter other leftists from their planned marches and action on Inauguration Day.

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