Most of us Patriots want to believe once Judge Malihi makes a decision based upon the rule of law that Obama is no longer eligible to be on the Georgia State Ballot. Once he does this, it will be THE END of it; period. This will NOT be the end of it and here is why. In 2008, a Pennsylvania Judge ruled Obama to be removed from the Presidential Ballot and the DNC refused to oblige the judge’s order. Do we really believe the Democrats will follow the “Rule of Law?” Did they oblige to the law when Judge Malihi called the Court in Session in January to hear arguments and merits of this case? Do we really believe once the order comes down against Obama that the Democrats will just shrug their shoulders and say, oh well and comply with the order?

How many Laws of our Nation have the Democrats decided to break already between 2008 and 2012? Do YOU think that one little judge in Georgia is going to prevent these Communists from putting Obama on the Georgia Ballot? Well, think again because the DNC did not listen to the judge in Pennsylvania in 2008 and they will surely not listen to the Georgia Judge in 2012! In fact, the track record of the Democratic Party is abysmal for adhering to the laws set forth in our US Constitution and our Supreme Court. The ONLY time the Democrats care about the Law is when it HANDCUFFS Patriots and Republicans. How much does their disregard for believing and supporting our Constitution make you FEEL? It Make my BLOOD BOIL!!!

I am telling you fellow Patriots that the LIBRALS are ALL COMMUNISTS and they are attempting to overthrow our US CONSTITUTION! Look at the track record for when they were running the Congress and how they never ONCE created or passed a budget and this is just ONE of thousands of examples. They tried to get Gun Control Passed so we could not fight for what they are attempting to do as proven by Fast and Furious! If WE DO NOT stand up and kick out every single Democrat out of office in November 2012, we WILL LOOSE our country.

Below is another proof-point that illustrates how the Democrats, Liberals, who are Communists, want to pervert our Laws and Constitution. They have been trying since 2003 to get legislation passed that will ALLOW someone like Obama to be president. They got tired of waiting and just snubbed their nose at American Laws and forced Obama into office. I reiterate to you my fellow Patriots, the Liberals are Communists and they are overthrowing our Government right before our eyes!

Chart showing attempts to change US Constitution of Presidential Eligibility