Today, the Democratic National Committee ramped up its focus on Cain, issuing a “Rapid Response” attack against his morning “Fox and Friends” appearance, during which Cain praised the Paul Ryan budget.

“I support Ryan’s plan one hundred percent,” Cain said. “We don’t need to come up with another plan.”

The DNC took issue with his comments and sent out a round up of criticism on the GOP’s budget plan, including threats that it would end medicare, favors the rich, and would increase the debt.

Herman Cain spokeswoman Ellen Carmichael, told TheDC that Cain is definitely a threat to Obama and that they have been surprised the DNC’s attacks have been so sparse thus far.

“This is the guy who spent his whole life being called an Uncle Tom and an Oreo. If he was sensitive he wouldn’t be running for president,” she said.

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