Jeb Bush is almost certainly one of two unpalatable things.

He’s either about to out himself as an eager Republican trailblazer for the Rainbow Jihad, or he’s a liar on par with Barack Obama.

Inspiring, I know. But there really are no other reasonable choices.

First there’s hiring a key advisor like David Kochel, who proudly outed himself as a Rainbow Jihadist to the liberal Huffington Post in 2013. Next, Jeb selected as his communications director, literally the face of his campaign, one of D.C.’s “30 most influential homosexuals” named Tim Miller.

A peek at Miller’s social media postings are all you need to know:

A picture of a child hugging someone dressed as the Easter bunny with the caption “On 1 yr anniversary of Iowa gay marriage ruling, (Iowa Family Policy Council’s) worst fears are realized: Rabbit/Child love-making;”

*Sesame Street references like “If Bert was gay, why didn’t he wax his eyebrows? A symposium on grooming and heteronormativity.”

Miller’s Facebook page has also documented his attendance at events such as ‘DC Protest Against CA Proposition 8;’ ‘SUGARTIT: A dirty Polaroid style New Year’s Eve;’ ‘BYGays AllCity Happy Hour feat;’ and ‘Homo/Sonic: Natty Boom Birthday Explosion!’

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