Do you know what your children or grandchildren are learning in public school?  If you have children in public school or in college, pay close attention to what they are being taught and how it affects their thinking.  Fair warning—you might not like what you learn.  Just because liberals are misguided does not mean they are not determined concerning their leftist agenda. In fact, one could say that when it comes to educating America’s youth, they have been more determined than conservatives.  The left recognized long ago the central role education at all levels plays in the formation of the individual’s worldview, and they have acted on that recognition.

Parents who choose alternatives such as Christian schools and homeschooling for their children do so because they understand what liberals long ago recognized: If you want to control what and how an individual thinks, you must first control the public school curriculum.  After all, public school is where the majority of children in America receive their education, or at least what passes for education these days.  Liberals have achieved their goal of controlling the public school curriculum and it would not be exaggerating to say that this has been their most important victory in the last 100 years.  In fact, liberal domination of public school and college curriculums is now so complete that conservatives who attended public school and college in another era would not even recognize what their children are subjected to on a daily basis—nor would they approve of it.

Secular humanists now control public school and college curriculums nationwide, and they are using their control to mold the thinking of young people from kindergarten through college.  One of the most effective tools liberals have used to transform public schools and colleges from centers of learning into centers of leftist indoctrination has been federal funding.  Unfortunately, Republican members of the House of Representatives and Senate have been complicit in allowing this to happen.  The tragic irony in this is that Republicans in Congress should have known that the federal dollars provided to local school systems, colleges, or any other entity would be prettily wrapped in a political agenda and topped off by a bow of  bureaucratic red tape.  That agenda has been to advance liberal orthodoxy in America.

The factors that have most effectively undermined the quality of public education in America are: 1) the takeover of college and university faculties by leftwing professors and administrators who systematically suppress the freedom of speech and academic freedom of conservative faculty members and students, 2) using the K-12 curriculum to indoctrinate students in liberal orthodoxy, 3) addiction to federal dollars that come with political strings attached, and 4) deliberately distorting America’s Christian heritage, national history, and the nature of the Constitution in textbooks and other teaching materials.  In short, liberals are using public schools and colleges as their most effective agents in waging a culture war against Christians and conservatives in America.

If you are a conservative with children in public school or college, you are probably paying for liberal teachers, professors, counselors, and administrators to undermine the values you hold dear—the values you want to impart to the next generation of your family.  This means that by gaining control of public education in America not only have liberals won a major battle in the culture war, they have gotten conservatives to help pay the bill.