With Obama-care poised to kick in to high gear next year, Dr. Brian Forrest routinely hears skeptics ask if the new laws and regulations will stifle his innovative primary care practice outside Raleigh, N.C.

The Weekly Standard has been checking in with Forrest since our May 24, 2010, cover story, “Cash for Doctors,” detailed how physicians were developing novel approaches to avoid the coming avalanche of new regulations and insurance mandates. Forrest’s practice, Access Healthcare, charges patients $39 a month, plus $20 per office visit, and offers a menu of additional low-cost services and tests.

“I wasn’t in favor of the Affordable Care Act, but the effect is actually going to be very beneficial for our model,” he says. “People want to escape the train before it derails. There are a lot of doctors who don’t want to be trapped in the traditional system when it takes effect, and there are a lot of patients who don’t want to be trapped there, either.”

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