In fall 2009,Eric Holder and the Department of Justice decided on a strategy supposedly designed to combat gun trafficking on the Mexican border. They didn’t want the Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco,Firearms,and Explosives to seize illegal firearms anymore;instead,they wanted them to give firearms to members of the Mexican cartels…

How high does this go? Apparently,all the way to the top. The attorney general of the state of Arizona,a Democrat operative,has already resigned in an attempt to avoid the consequences of participating in this fiasco. Middle management at DOJ and ATF has already been thrown under the bus. The acting director of the ATF,Kenneth Melson,has already been defenestrated.

For his part,Obama has denied that Attorney General Eric Holder green-lit the operation,stating,“My attorney general has made clear he certainly would not have ordered gun running to be able to pass through into Mexico.”This is less than credible —how could the head of the DOJ not know about an operation of this magnitude handled by the DOJ? And how could President Obama not know? And why,if the DOJ is uninvolved,do they want a copy of Kenneth Melson’s confidential interview with Congressional staff?

If this scandal runs all the way up the chain of command —and by all indicators,it could —it is certainly an impeachable offense. This is a high crime,not a misdemeanor. Pushing an operation designed to undercut American freedoms that ends with the death of Americans is not only illegal,it is unconscionable. And unlike Iran-Contra,it wasn’t done for the right reasons.

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