Mitt Romney is rich, and everyone knows it.

Every time the mega-millionaire slips and reminds Republicans how above earth he is — the Nascar and NFL owners who are his friends, the pair of Cadillacs his wife drives — Democrats do their best to repeat his comments so they stick. The implication is that the former Massachusetts governor is “out of touch” with regular working people, and President Obama isn’t.

Except for that Obama, after three years as president, has plenty of rich friends, too. Hollywood liberals Jeffrey Katzenberg and Bill Maher have donated millions to his “super PAC,” Anna Wintour and George Clooney party at the White House, and Tom Hanks narrates a documentary about Obama’s presidency. Sure, he’s not as rich as Romney is, but a horde of celebrities runs the risk of blocking Obama’s view of Main Street in an election where the struggling economy is seen by most voters as the most important issue.

“There’s no question that Barack Obama doesn’t connect in the way that Bill Clinton did with people — you know, the old line, ‘I feel your pain,’ ” said Michael Coles, the former CEO of Caribou Coffee, who was a major fundraiser for Obama in 2008. “But there is definitely still a connection with ordinary people that I don’t think you’re seeing from Mitt Romney.”

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