Could Texas Governor Rick Perry make a comeback in the 2012 GOP presidential sweepstakes? A conservative political scientist believes it’s possible.

When Rick Perry entered the race, he became the immediate frontrunner, perceived as the hero of conservatives who would beat out the establishment Republicans’ choice, Mitt Romney. But Perry went on to fumble in the early debates and alienate conservatives with his support of “DREAM Act” for illegal aliens. However, in the last debate, the Texas governor’s performance was improved, and he has since gone out of his way to embrace evangelical voters in Iowa.

“He’s spending a lot of money on some effective commercials,” notes government professor Dr. Charles W. Dunn of Regent University’s Robertson School of Government. “Secondly, [in] the large multi-candidate primary, he is taking the most pro-evangelical positions on at least two critical issues, namely abortion and homosexuality.”

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