Interesting priorities.

Consider this: Jennifer Lawrence has her phone breached, and within 48 hours, the feds are diligently pursuing who leaked the photos. However, these same federal authorities cannot tell us what slain Ambassador Chris Stevens was doing in Benghazi, Libya, when he was murdered by terrorists. They cannot tell us who came up with the “YouTube” narrative that was pushed in the days after the terrorist attack. They cannot tell us why the repeated requests for security went unanswered. They cannot tell us who gave the order to “stand down” to troops that were ready to mount a rescue operation during the terrorist attack.

These same authorities that, within hours, jumped to the aid of celebrities who had had their privacy violated took a month to get to the Benghazi consulate after the attack. They spent 12 hours investigating, then packed up and left.

Nearly TWO YEARS after the murder of four Americans and the destruction of our consulate by terrorists, the Obama Department of Justice has shrugged-off its responsibilities and have left innumerable unanswered questions and refused to get to the bottom of the Benghazi terrorist attack.

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