Well, that’s it. Throw in the towel. America is dead.

I don’t mean that. But, I know that a lot of Americans are feeling that today as we just got news that the Supreme Court has struck down DOMA – the defense of marriage act. In case you’re unaware, DOMA is basically the act that those who have been fighting for traditional marriage have drawn up (Defense of Marriage Act). So, do conservatives have a bad attitude because we don’t like gay people? Of COURSE not! We have a bad attitude because the legalization of gay marriage on a federal level has a direct effect on the religious freedom our country was founded on.

My heart breaks over this. I grew up in conservative-land, so it wasn’t until college that I started hearing of people I grew up with in church and school coming out of the closet. I sat in class with these people. I laughed with them. We did group work in the same New Testament Bible classes. We studied the same things. We had sleepovers. We shared secrets. These red-equal-sign-profile-picture folks aren’t a bunch of foreign strangers. They are people I know and love. They are also people who are fighting against what I believe in.

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