Considering the mess our society is in, it becomes urgent to
approach all future elections with the “where do I stand”
thought in mind.  Democrats, for the most part, Liberals and
RINOs, stand for open borders; abortions on demand;
homosexual partnerships; higher taxes; schools run by
politicians vs local parents; no guns for people to protect
themselves and their families, but plenty for hoods and
thugs; restrictions on freedom of speech, press, and even
thought; and, even worse, a desire to rewrite the
Constitution.  Is there a better choice?

If you are one who objects to the above, you fit in a more
cultured and informed group.  It would be easy to just not
vote; but that forfeits one of the very freedoms we continue
to fight for.  If the voter is a God-fearing person and has
the will to stick to Godly principles, the thought of
mindlessly voting for those who oppose those very
principles, is anathema to their beliefs.  It cannot be
justified.  If a candidate is truthful (?), or facts differ
from rhetoric, and the facts raise a red flag, one cannot
blindlessly vote that candidate or that party.

A true Christian answers only to God for his/her belief –
not a party, a government or even to a church.
Conservatives generally adhere to the one man-one woman
marriage, that only has a history of several thousand years,
but hey, that ain’t hay!  Conservatives favor defending
their families; paying their “just” taxes; freedom of
speech; school choice; pro-family; helping others out of
their own pockets vs government handouts; less government
regulations that strangle businesses and add to an already
burdensome climate ; pro-energy development; protection of
our borders and a workable immigration system.
Conservatives also believe that people can manage their own
lives, their own healthcare, their own choice of what food
to eat and what sandwiches to send to school with their

The intrusiveness of government is as stealthy as a rattle
snake slithering its way through the grass until its fangs
sink into one’s ankle.  To go through this mess blindly, is
to end up a victim, and that is a choice; not a good one,
but open to all.  Check the pluses and minuses of these
choices and vote according to your “beliefs.”  They should
jibe; if they don’t, you are being hypocritical at best, and
against common sense at the worst.  If a party, as a whole,
stands for things you find objectionable or ungodly, the
choice should be obvious – don’t honor it with your
priceless vote.

In the final analysis, God does not honor those who dishonor
Him;  He has given some wonderful “suggestions” about human
behavior, choices, prohibitions, families, wealth, taking
care of the poor (He never consigns this to government);
honoring parents; honesty and many other pertinent actions
that will keep us in harmony with Him, relationships, good
health and in other innumerable ways.

Past actions of either party or candidate certainly indicate
future repetition and there goes another red flag.  Trust
lies in whether or not a change for good is possible and can
be expected.  If not, vote not.  Voting for presidents,
congressmen, mayors, governors or justices whose past
decisions have actually been against Biblical wisdom, should
be a clue to begin with when casting a ballot.  We need to
walk through this mess with our eyes open.

To vote for any candidates or party that favors more debt is
a mindless endeavor.  Consider: federal debt – what the
government has already borrowed to pour out on some of the
most insane actions – now totals over 17 trillion dollars.
The interest payments alone on that debt has taken over
$430 billion out of productivity so far just this year; it buys
Nothing, builds no roads, fixes no pot-holes, builds no
schools…nothing.  The more debt (spending with no income)
we accumulate, the less the taxes collected do any good.  It
is time to vote for candidates who actually believe we must
fix this travesty while it’s still possible.  Vote
accordingly.  Trust and Obey.  And vote wisely!