Syria. It’s a screwed up country. The most recent intelligence report says that the Assad regime has used chemical warfare to kill at least 1,429 people, including 426 children. Horrific. It’s clearly, as John Kerry said, “crimes against humanity,” and as is the American norm, our opinions on whether or not to strike are divided.

Someone who hasn’t been keeping up, would likely assume that the liberals are chanting, “No war!” and the conservatives are loading their guns and ready to blow up some bad guys. But, that’s not actually what’s happening.

Obama, the most liberal, leftist leader our nation has ever seen, is the one who wants to strike on Syria…and the conservatives are up in arms about it. So, what gives?

You might guess that liberals will blindly follow Obama no matter what he does and that conservatives will be contrarian and rise against him. And, you might be right about some on that. But, what about this Syrian strike has got educated conservatives freaking out?

Senator Rand Paul brought this up on Hannity and cited Joe Biden’s opinion on the topic. The due process – that little piece of paper called our Constitution that President Obama seems to have such a hard time respecting. Conservatives aren’t upset that Obama wants to strike because they are contrarian. They’re upset because Obama is threatening to strike without Congressional approval.

In 2007, Joe Biden himself said that if a President were to send a nation to war that wasn’t being attacked without Congressional approval, that he would IMPEACH the guy – referencing former President Bush. But now, look where we are.

For whatever reason (political I’m guessing), Obama has decided to make gigantically important decisions unconstitutionally – giving himself the power of a king or tyrant. It’s the exact same thing he was doing after the Sandy Hook shooting.

My friend called me up and said, “I’m as conservative as they come, and I don’t like Obama, but his executive orders make a lot of sense to me. I kind of agree with them.”


Obama is doing things that many conservatives agree with, but going about it illegally – which gives him an unconstitutional and frightening amount of power. The reason our Constitution was written was to keep America free and tyranny away.

So, you see – the Syria discussion isn’t really about what our role should be in Syria. It’s about how our President should go about making the decision. If Congress votes on it, then fine. We’re still America. Half of us may not agree with the outcome, but it was voted on fairly. If Obama pulls the King-card and decides to go to war with another country…by Himself…well, then he’s not our President any longer. He’s our ruler.

We need to wake up and remember how much power we have. We “common” folk can’t pretend to know or understand everything that’s happening in Washington. But, we ought to be pretty familiar with our Constitution because we are the whistle blowers. We are the ones that are responsible to keep our government in line. Are you paying attention?