The last few months have seen a constant tide of negative publicity thrown at the presumptive frontrunner in the Republican primaries.  Things have gotten so heated that some Republicans may be tuning out completely and the party just might be risking a replay of the dreaded 2008 elections.  I am here today to attempt to calm, assuage, and try and give you dear readers an alternative perspective.  A Mitt Romney nomination might just be a good thing.  A Mitt Romney nomination could be a sign that the establishment is beginning to recognize that the conservative base is bigger and more powerful than they realized.

Now, just bear with me a second because I know some of you are hurling “liberal” epithets at this writer for even suggesting that Romney might be a “good” candidate.  Consider that four years ago Mitt Romney was our “conservative” alternative to the much more centrist Senator from Arizona.  Consider that if anything, Governor Romney is actually “more” conservative today than he was those four long years ago.  Consider that each and every serious Republican candidate was a better choice than the eventual nominee four years ago… sure, the progress may be slow, but it’s real.

I won’t pretend that I am not a little remorseful that my candidate is more than likely not going to win – I am.  However, I am also thankful that we have a frontrunner who has unequivocally stated that he will work to repeal Obamacare in toto.  I am thankful for a frontrunner whose most serious baggage in the election will either be (a) that he is too successful or (b) that he used to agree with our President about a few issues.  I am thankful that we have a frontrunner who has said he will cut spending, cut taxes, and eliminate harmful and growth killing regulations.  I am thankful that we have a frontrunner who has a serious economic plan, even if it doesn’t come with a sexy tag like 9-9-9.  Yes, his plan is as dull as a plastic butter knife that has spent too long in the sun – but it is a serious plan, that has been well thought out and would be vastly superior to anything this President and the Democrat Congress has presented.

To be clear, there are warts on this candidate – we will have to trust that he is an honest man and that his conversion to conservatism is sincere, which is always a dangerous proposition when it comes to politicians – but he is a moral man, with a history of achievement, a career marked by success, and he pays lip service to our causes.  We could probably have chosen better, but we definitely could do (and have done) much worse.  Take heart conservatives, keep voting for your local conservative candidates and while the road may be slow… eventually the national party will catch up to us.