The Grinch is real. He is alive! He may be your next-door neighbor, your boss, or someone you work with. This Grinch (not Dr. Seuss’) is one who works overtime to steal what is left of Christmas in this country. Just like Satan, he slinks to and fro, prowls around from coast to coast looking for ways to devour Christmas celebrations and make illegal any of its symbols. He doesn’t just hate Christmas. He hates God and those who worship Him.


Every year around this time the war on Christmas heats up. There are sinister forces at work. The goal of this Grinch and his followers is to completely secularize the Christmas Holidays, to remove Christ from Christmas forever. Tragically, the Grinch seems to win most of the battles in recent years.


In the last few weeks there have been insane attacks on Christmas and some have proved, again, to be victorious for Mr.Grinch. The school systems, the courts, and the media network together in efforts to remove even the idea of Christ from the lips of Americans during this Season. Let’s face it. God is simply no longer welcome in America where supposedly we believe, “In God We Trust.”


Why is it that when multitudes of people believe in something and one or just a few people don’t, the few get his or her way? In recent years, we have been forced to take down the Ten Commandments, remove a Nativity scene, or Christmas tree because one person complains. There is something wrong with this picture.


For example, in Little Rock, Arkansas, Terry Elementary School students were scheduled to attend a stage version of Merry Christmas Charlie Brown, based on the well-known television production. It was to be enjoyed off campus at the Agape Church. This was with parental consent. Parents could object and have their child remain at the school during the performance.


But, No! This just didn’t sit well with some local atheists. They protested with the claim that the play presented a religious message to be performed in a religious venue. Good Grief Charlie Brown! This is getting ridiculous. Don’t these people work? Are they so threatened by God that they have to ensure that He is erased from our memories?


It is arguable, but one can make the case that Santa Claus is a religious figure. He was based on St. Nicholas of Myra, a Christian Bishop who was exceptionally generous to the poor. So why don’t the atheists go after him? The answer is that Santa won’t judge them and send them to hell. There is no threat. Isn’t it curious that almost all religious attacks target Christianity and not Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, or any other faith?


Then, we have the Governor of Rhode Island, Lincoln Chaffee. He follows in the footsteps of his predecessors and refuses to call the State House tree a Christmas tree. It is a Holiday Tree. What holiday it represents is up for grabs I guess. In other words it is meaningless.


In Newhall, California (where nothing shocks us anymore), the upper management of the Willows apartment building, a home for seniors, ruled that residents could not have a Christmas tree because it was a religious symbol. It may not be long before management does a shakedown and search the rooms for Bibles. Don’t laugh. We are talking California here.


There is good news though for the Willow’s residents. 75 of them held a protest and demanded that the Christmas tree remain. Management finally retreated. This should encourage all of us not to just sit back and take these over-the-top persecutions of our faith. Those who love Christmas and who it represents can win this war.


The war on Christmas is now in full gear. It rages and it will return year after year until enough people decide that they have had enough. I pray that will happen soon. Please, don’t let the Grinch steal Christmas. There is hope for all. Even Dr. Seuss’s Grinch repented. Maybe ours will too.


Merry Christmas everyone.