It’s funny, in a way. And yet, thinking about the future, one
wishes that so many things just won’t happen. But reality has
a way of sneaking in when nobody is looking. And sometimes
that reality appears as a phantom, a smokescreen or even a
gift-wrapped package. Discerning the reality is left to the
recipient – who oft’times is blind. In this case I will not
say that Congress is blind: just in dire need of an
Optometrist. Or maybe even surgery. Brain surgery also comes
to mind.

The lack of wisdom in this august assembly is catastrophic.
If one didn’t know better, he could be forgiven for believing
that he was in the midst of a first-grade class witnessing a
spitball contest. Sending our “best” to represent us has
become a challenge. The fallout from the utter failures is
incomprehensible. They are elected, supposedly, to not only
pass legislation, but to oversee that that has already become
law. And so much of that should never, in the first place,
been enacted, so should be repealed. Obamacare comes to mind
immediately. But there is much more.

Our sages in the East forget so quickly whose money they are
squandering and the asinine earmarks attached to every bill
passed is beyond the pale. Passing a bill to fund the military
should be a simple task, given the years they’ve had to develop
a template of some kind. But looking at the particulars after
one of these hits the printing press, I come to the conclusion
that so many of the additions to the bill are included because the
“overseers” are all asleep. I firmly believe that, just as
the wildly bloated bill passed for Hurricane Sandy relief was,
probably every bill that becomes law could be cut by 50% and
still accomplish more than what was necessary.

Recent news of a contract between the Air Force and a “green”
company for delivery of thousands of gallons of fuel for $59 a
gallon makes the case for insanity in the ranks…or is it in
the Congress…or White House…or? How many members of
Congress are “bought” to “go along” to get along? Log rolling
may be appropriate in certain times and at respectable levels
but when something stinks, it’s time for the Rotorooter! So
many top government employees have the idea that the more they
can spend each year shows that they are increasing their
productivity. And each higher level abuses the system in like
manner…all the way to the top. After all, it’s not their
money they’re spending – it’s there…and it’s free. So $59 a
gallon for jet fuel is in their budget so it’s there to
spend. No questions asked. Is there no discernment of ethics
involved? Of course one must realize the whistle-blowers of
these kinds of abominations are always in danger of
crucifixion…don’t tumble their house of cards lest you be
damned! And Jurisprudence seems to be in the hands of the
miscreants, not the honest. This country desperately needs a
cleansing…and I don’t think Ajax will do it. Where are the
Proxmires of today? Instead, we “send in the clowns.”