My friend Hugh Hewitt had an opportunity to interview Dr. Ben Carson last Tuesday, November 25.

Dr. Carson is not given to rash statements and hyperbole, but is always measured and thoughtful.

So his statement re race relations:

“I honestly think things were better before this president was elected. And I think that things have gotten worse because of his unusual emphasis on that.”

The doctor also recounted Dr. Martin Luther King who took a completed different tack than modern day race baiters such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

“And you know, I hope people will think back to the days of Dr. Martin Luther King, who was faced with a bunch of people who thought violence was the way, and somehow he convinced them that peaceful demonstrations and conversation and demonstrating to people what was going on would have a better effect. And in fact, it did. It had a profound effect on our nation.”

Listen as the doctor sizes up the situation vis-à-vis race in America in an era of Obama. TJ

A full transcript of the interview is at