If you’re anything like me, you keep wondering where this country
will wind up, at the speed it’s going.  I kept thinking that back
in around 1980 I could keep up with the advance in computer
operating systems.  An illusion.  The advance since then, has
been monumental.  I gave up; though I still write code for my own
applications – and it’s invigorating.  I can’t imagine going back
to paper files…and depending on others to manage my life.

Recently, I tutored a man in my own age bracket who had worked
his whole life in veterinarian science. He had spent the most
crucial years of his life caring for animals.  In advising him in
operation systems, e-mail, url’s  and various other anomalies
that he was totally unfamiliar, it was an operation in
exasperation, patience and learning (for me) that we had gone so
far in such a short time-frame.  We both grew up with a farm
background, though mine was more tempered with a commercial trade
acquaintance, but the relevance to modern technology was striking
in both circumstances.

We managed to get through the course without fisticuffs and are
still friends.  But it occurred to me that the older generation
is in danger of being ostracized as the technology advances
without cessation.  We must still be aware of the difficulty of
aging to the advance of such rapid changes.

It’s incredible that, in striving for the future, we leave the
“future” in turmoil; this ought not to be so.   Looking around, I
see others my age, and younger, who are confused by the speed
that technology is bypassing them.  An encounter several years
ago with my mother-in-law unable to use her phone because she had
inadvertently pressed a digit that had corrupted her usual number
to call, prompted me to be more aware,  and constantly alert to
the disconnect of the past and our future.  To me, it was
insignificant; to her it was crucial – a disconnect that could
have resulted in a dangerous lack of communication.  People in
advanced age need reassurance that their safety is a concern and
that whatever advance science makes, it doesn’t leave them in the
netherworld of rejection.

Memorial Day, 2015, gives me pause to reflect on the awesome
benefits of living in the United States of America!  Having
traveled the world over the past many years, I have seen the
incredible fortune of living in a country which God had a hand in
delivering to a people oppressed.  Our forefathers came with good
and honorable intentions.  Along the way, as with all of
humanity, we strayed, became corrupted and desired to “do it our
way.”  I think God said, “Well, do it your way; I’ll keep
watching, anyway.”  He has.  We, in this new world, are the
benefactors of all that an almighty God could bestow: liberty,
freedom and the pursuit of happiness.  Ahhhh, what else could
mankind want?  Apparently, there is no end to the pursuit of
those who know only their own desires.  A field that is
neglected, becomes a haven for weeds – and they spread at the
leisure of the winds.  Those winds now carry the tares of
ungodliness and wickedness throughout our country with
disintegration, lawlessness, government corruption and families
in turmoil.  A constant reminder of our present circumstances is
found if II Cor 7:14:  “If my people, who are called by my name,
will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from
their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and forgive
their sins and heal their land.”  Are we ready for God’s mercies?
He seems to be waiting for just such a relationship.

We are drifting in an eddy that will consume us unless we turn
our lives and our country around and seek the God of our
beginning.  Have a block party; invite all your neighbors to
celebrate liberty with a God who Cares.  He Does!  It may be
ok to just keep cruising, just keep your destination in mind.