Did you ever think the day would come when you would have to be concerned about domestic use of camera-equipped drones over the skies of America? Well it’s here! Are you surprised? From news reports as of a couple of weeks ago, 348 drones were approved for domestic use, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Where did 69 percent of the applications come from for drone use? The Defense Department! Get ready to really be spied upon.

One big concern is that this is another attack on our constitutional rights. Drones are being used to kill terrorists in some parts of the world. The haunting question is “When will some law abiding American citizens be labeled as terrorists?”

The current administration is moving fast in many areas to further destroy our rights. Is the administration getting prepared for labeling those that don’t want to give up their second amendment rights as “terrorists?” Will drones start hunting down American citizens under the false label of being a terrorist? Will Americans be viewed as just blips on a screen? Will it be like playing a video game and the person at the controls wins all the time?

We need to start calling and writing our U.S. Senators and Congressmen to limit the use of these drones or to do away with them completely. Do we want to live in a police state? Maybe it’s not too late if we act now and tell our elected officials they will not get a vote in the next election unless something is done. Wake up patriotic Americans!