America is the leader in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology, better known as drone technology. That’s the good news. The bad news is that to date Iran has captured at least two of our drones: one a Boeing Scan Eagle and the other a Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel. Iran claims to have the ability to reverse engineer the Sentinel drone. When we asked for our drone back, Iran said no and demanded an apology from us.

Is it possible Iran has stolen our UAV technology? If this is true what will be their next step: flying a drone over Israel to make a threatening point? Actually Iran already did this. In October 2012 a drone launched by Iran was shot down by Israeli warplanes. It was the latest of several that have been shot down. One drone shot down in 2006 was capable of carrying explosives. Get the picture? Iran has been improving its technology with what they have learned from stealing ours and now has a full-fledged capability to produce and launch drones. Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah claimed the last drone shot down by Israel was manufactured in Iran and assembled in Lebanon.

The American people have been told Iran cannot possibly steal the technology from our captured drones. But then President Obama also said Al Qaeda was on its heels and on the run just prior to the attack on our consulate in Benghazi. How about the connections between China, Russia and Iran? China is improving its drone technology at an alarming rate. In 2012 unmanned aerial vehicles were on display at a Chinese air show. They resembled our Reaper and Predator drones. Imagine that? Where would they have gotten the technology and would they be willing to sell it to others?

Russia’s UAV program is said to be twenty years behind ours. Might that change in the near future? It would not be much of a stretch to say it will. Is it possible that Russia, China, and Iran are more technologically advanced than we give them credit for or that our “leaders” in Washington, D.C. are intentionally downplaying their abilities just as Obama falsely downplayed Al Qaeda’s status?

Consider the example of Iran’s latest fighter plane, the Qaher F-313? It is said to be a radar evading plane that can fly low, carry multiple weapons, and effectively engage enemy aircraft. Sound familiar? Official sources claim that Iran’s fighter is a fraud and that photos of it are all fakes. Again, is this the truth or another version of Obama’s disproven boasting about Al Qaeda?

Now look at the Iranian Space Agency. Yes they have one. It claims to have sent numerous animals into sub-orbital space and returned them to earth alive. The latest of these was a monkey. There were photos of this monkey taken before and after the space flight that were shown on various news sites. It’s been said the monkey that returned to earth was not the same as the one in the first picture. However, we have been lied to about Al Qaeda. Why should we believe officials in Washington, D.C. about Iran’s purported space program? The Iranians have said they want to be in on the proposed Chinese space station in the future, and with China needing oil to fuel its growing number of driver’s collaboration between these two countries is more than possible—it’s probable.

A point to ponder is this: If Iran is improving its missile technology, its fighter planes, and stealing our drone technology, might the next terrorist attack in the U.S. be from a UAV manufactured in Iran and provided to terrorists? Might the technology which has been stolen from us be used against us, possibly flown by someone sitting in a comfortable chair in another country?
With reductions in military spending in the U.S. what’s to say we will have the edge on technology in the future? That’s something for each of us to think about. Will we soon find ourselves behind in the on-going race for technological superiority? With the amount of spin on everything coming out of Washington, I fear we are being lulled into a false sense of security. Remember, the White House claims the economy is improving and things are getting better. This is improvement? Under President Obama, mediocrity is becoming the new norm. Instead of a race to the top it seems the U.S. is in a race to the bottom.
In one of the presidential debates last year President Obama responded to a point made by candidate Romney about military spending and claimed sarcastically, “We also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military’s changed”. He probably meant to say sabers but let’s not quibble over misspoken words. The point is in the end we just may need those horses and bayonets to protect our nation. The gun-control issue hasn’t even begun. If you think it stops with assault weapons you are mistaken. Gun-control is only the beginning.

One thing we all need to remember. President Obama promised to transform America. He is doing that, make no mistake about it. He is transforming American into a European-style socialist state that is weak economically and impotent in foreign affairs. He claims that Iran is not yet a nuclear threat. Do you believe him?