Anyone who thinks this sort of thing doesn’t inspire fresh waves of illegal migration is out of their minds.
Check it out:

It’s hard to understand where the tsunami of young illegal aliens slamming into Texas got the idea that free citizenship and benefits would be waiting for them. Why, just yesterday, President Obama stressed the importance of American border security and the rule of law, noting that every nation is obliged to respect American territorial integrity, and the titanic mega-government he presides over has a sacred obligation to defend our employment and social-welfare systems.

Just kidding! Actually, Obama invited young illegal aliens to a White House ceremony, honoring “success stories” from the President’s unilateral amnesty grant, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which just reached its second anniversary. Anyone who doesn’t think Obama is well aware of that, and wants the human waves to come rolling in, is far too credulous. This is “transforming America” on steroids.

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