It’s obvious that the Duggars preach Christian-conservative values, but it appears that TLC viewed the stand to oppose abortion as being too offensive.

The Duggar family is known for their conservative, faith-based upbringing, and they’re not afraid to voice their quiet yet passionate beliefs. However, when they wished to express their support on a particularly controversial issue, TLC was quick to censor it.

The family from the reality television show 19 Kids and Counting decided to show the world where they stand on abortion by donning pro-life T-shirts carrying the slogan “I survived Roe vs. Wade, Roe vs. Wade will not survive me.”

The shirts refer to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 ruling that abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy is legal.

Bryan Kemper, a youth pastor who designed the shirts, was disappointed in TLC’s decision to blur what should be an expression of our First Amendment rights, Christian Today reports.

“I was shocked,” Kemper wrote on “Knowing how dedicated to the pro-life cause the Duggars are, I expected to see the shirts many times on their show.”

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