I wrote a few weeks ago about the 24-year-old houseguest my wife and I have had for about three months now. He is a young man who was blessed with an excellent, private, academically advanced education through the 12th grade, paid for by a benefactor. He was/is articulate, very adept with computers and can discuss many subjects intelligently. He even picked up some college classes. Yet he made very dumb decisions and ended up homeless, an alcoholic and dope addict with a record, jail time and two significant fines he has to pay off. Why did that happen? It happened because of our society. He now says the only reason he has abandoned that life is because of the Christian education and elements of common sense he picked up in that school, which is where he met us. Our son went to the same school.


The bad things that happened to that young man happened for the same reasons our society is falling apart at the seams, major portions of cities are devastated wastelands, the federal government is technically bankrupt (it owes more than we ever can pay), millions of people now find it necessary to carry a weapon in self-defense, churches are being closed right-and-left and the majority of people in this country no longer are Christian. It happened for two primary reasons. With the advance of science and technology, mandatory education for everyone, a television in every house–usually every room–one very important element of being a responsible adult evaporated. That’s called common sense. The other reason is that all those highly educated idiots who teach in our colleges and universities–and now our elementary and high schools–began outright attacking Christianity and common sense.


Education and accumulated knowledge is not the same thing as common sense. In fact, it seems increasingly over the last 30 to 40 years they are at odds with one another. My father was a child of the depression. He only completed the eighth grade of formal education, and was fortunate to get that. Yet he was blessed with tremendous common sense. He won a Silver Star and Bronze Star in World War II and another Bronze in Korea. You don’t do that by being just brave, he did it by having good common sense. After being wounded in the Battle of the Bulge, he came home, recovered and married between wars, having three sons. Though he lived on an enlisted man’s salary for 20 years, we never knew we were poor. He, with my mother’s help, managed his money so well we never wanted for anything consistent with common sense. Furthering his education through military schools, he was prepared to be a radio/television repairman when he retired from the Army, working in that field for another 15 years before becoming disabled. He owned three different homes and when he died at 91 left a small estate for we three children. He never took a dime from the government that he didn’t earn as a soldier or save through social security and military retirement and his own bank account. We always lived on less than he earned with the rest going to savings. Had social security not been a government-enforced requirement, he would have saved more. He also rarely drank and never used drugs.


My father was just one example of a generation of people who took this country from the depression to the affluence of the 1960s. Government didn’t do it; people like my father did it. They knew hardship well and they learned common sense and self-sufficiency. Then along came the “me” generations and a government taken over by the socialist/communist influences my father had fought and help to temporarily defeat in World War II and Korea. Their system became our system and common sense went out the window. Television and what passes for entertainment today accelerated the decline.


Just like the young man we’re trying to help, most of our society, including our legislative bodies, got distracted by all the gadgets, toys and feel-good temptations generated by a briefly affluent society. They forgot that good times don’t last forever and self-sufficiency, work and savings exercised with common sense are the secrets to success. There is a reason most government housing consists of drug-infested, crime-ridden wastelands. If you give things to people they lose the capability of self-sufficiency and common sense. They become non-productive citizens. The more of those you have, the less tax base you have and the more government has to borrow to keep up with its lavish spending–on them and various circuses to distract the citizens from what they actually are doing in our seats of power.


So, with more people going to college than ever before, more money being spent on education than ever before, more tools and gadgets to learn from and with, why do we live in a decadent, decaying society ruled by highly-educated, mostly socialist idiots? It’s because common sense went the way of the dinosaur. An element of that destruction is driving Christianity and morality out of our institutions. What you see is what you get–common sense just tells you it’s headed for a bad end. But politicians, entertainers and our educational systems don’t want you to know that. Instead, they continue to promote “if it feels good, do it”. It won’t feel good any more when it all collapses of its own dead weight. Education isn’t the same thing as common sense.