During the tumultuous political season the interested voter has to weather a barrage of information competing for preeminence in the voters mind.  Each candidate wants to paint their opponent with their own brush before the other can write their own narrative for the public to consume.  Each candidate wants to convince the voter that their pet issues are the most important and to do this they will belittle, misinform, marginalize, sanitize, and deliberately mislead anyone and everyone they need to in an effort to retain POWER.  Dear reader while I don’t wish to create even more cynicism in what is obviously an imperfect process (though in my humble opinion still the best process), I also don’t want you to continue in a state of naiveté about our politicians.  All too often the sole question a politician asks before action is “Which course of action will help me get reelected?”


Our Founding Fathers understood this idea of power becoming a corrupting force – which is why the system is designed to be as open as possible, allowing all Americans a part in the process.  Our political class is nothing more than a new and unimproved aristocracy, and please understand, I mean this in the most belittling way possible.  (Warning…this is a rabbit trail)  Mitt Romney has had to put up with attacks on his years as a managing partner at Bain Capital; and has been called the worst names from vulture to vampire.  His political enemies have attacked him for not “producing” anything in his work – this line of attack is specious and laughable.  Bain Capital saved thousands of jobs at businesses that were failing, when they couldn’t save these jobs they made as much money off of them as possible and then used that money to invest in and create (read produce) or save many other jobs!  Bain makes more money when they can save the companies, businesses, factories, etc. that they purchase than they do if the project fails and must be sold off.  Mitt Romney and his wealth have done more for the American economy than this administration has done over the last four years or could hope to do over the next four.


I may not agree with all of Mitt Romney’s political positions but his career is no weakness in my mind.  The fact that his opponents choose to attack his professional experience, when they have so little work experience of their own is mind-numbingly embarrassing.  President Obama was a “community organizer” before his political career began, and Vice President Biden hasn’t had a real job since the Nixon Administration – combined the two men have 3 years of professional work experience that isn’t political in nature (and all 3 are from Biden).  Our Founding Father envisioned average American being elected and coming to Washington for a short time to make a difference in their nation.  Farmers, bankers, lawyers, printers, journalists, bartenders, teachers, tanners, cobblers, roofers, silversmiths, blacksmiths, etc.  Lifelong politicians were simply not part of the plan.  On this basis, I am naturally more comfortable with a Mitt Romney Presidency (though his VP, Paul Ryan, only has about 6 years of professional experience himself).


You might be asking, “What’s the point?”  I believe it to be vitally important to the sustaining of our freedom that our politicians know and understand the common, everyday life of those outside the not-so-hallowed-halls of Washington, DC.  A developing political class is quite simply put a new aristocracy that has the power, ability, and at times desire to use their positions selfishly.  Case in point, the exemption of our Representatives and Senators from taking part in the new socialized healthcare scheme, Obamacare. What sense does this make?  The people who wrote the law do not have to endure it? It is positively anachronistic, recalling the days of the powerful noble elite in the far-off, long dead monarchies of Europe.  What is good for the peasantry may not necessarily be good for the elite – and so two worlds are created, two standards devised and those of us with no leverage are left to suffer the costs.


This political class problem has been trending since the near days after the founding of our Constitutional Republic, but the problem seems to be reaching a kind of tipping point.  With the advent of the Tea Party and the attack on both Democrats and entrenched Republicans we are seeing a portion of the electorate waking up to the dangers of a political class.  I urge you fellow citizens to continue the trend of releasing our entrenched politicians to a life in the private sector, even at times if the cost may be some of the issues you hold dear.  It is a far better thing to lose one fight, while keeping a revolving door in Washington, then to win the fight and allow the power of incumbency to corrupt men and women who were once honorable and truly believed in the cause for which they fought.  The United States of America doesn’t deserve entrenched cronies for various political lobbies… the USA and those of us who love her deserve men and women devoted to making the country as great as it can be.  We deserve warriors for American Exceptionalism.