Remember your old racecar themed bed you used to sleep in at home every night, well more young people are getting used to bunking back up into that bed. A record 36 percent of 18 to 31 year olds are living back home; this is the highest percentage in four decades. For a president that promised young people rainbows and unicorns, those same young people are now living at home with their poster of their favorite 90s television star on the wall.

I think it is ok for young people to live at home for a certain amount of time. College graduates are faced with record levels of student loan debt, with the average being somewhere around 28,000 to 30,000 dollars. Then you have the “professional” students who couldn’t find a job, who go back to school and rack up even more in student loans. One reason for this is because these recent graduates expect to graduate college and make six figures, so when they are disappointed that those expectations are not reality, they go back to school. They forget one key rule, any work is good work, and it gives you a sense of pride and dignity.

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