Out of many, one. The value that says: “This land is not just somewhere to park.”
It’s a uniquely American thing. It’s logical. It’s patriotic. More than that: it’s right.

Americans have never allowed themselves to invest their identity only in their differences.
You come to America; you become an American. If you don’t plan on becoming one and you aren’t in America yet; don’t come. If you don’t plan on becoming one and are already living in America; get out.
It’s simple. It’s more than fair. It makes all the sense in the world.

And yet that sentiment expressed unequivocally creates great discomfort, and renders you “hardline” and leaves you open to a charge of “bigotry”. What codswallop.

Since when has insisting that a focus on American values and an American way of life that Americans share be the first priority been “hardline”? Since when has expecting participation and acceptance of, and contribution to America become unreasonable? Just what kind of pussycats are American supposed to be?

Contrary to liberal ideology, America is much more than a stretch of land, just somewhere to park. It has history and a future. It has beauty and identity.
There is a substance to the character of the American community, based on American values and culture that have been built up over generations.
English is, and will always be, America’s first and unifying language.

The privileges of being an American carry great responsibilities, especially for political leaders, to ensure they are protected, preserved and promoted.
In Western Europe, political leaders have fallen in this duty. Even Australia and England, America’s English-speaking cousins, are evidence of the failings of multiculturalism. By allowing communities within their societies to overtly differentiate themselves in this way and fail to embrace a common culture, it lit and continues to light the fuse to more conflicts in the future.

Multiculturalism is a conception of the left. It is designed and defended by the politically correct handbag-hit squad. It is tied to the doctrine of relativism- the myth that all cultures and religions are equal, and no one system or set of values is superior.
As it is practiced, multiculturalism is a policy for exclusion, rather than inclusion. It is a program of separation, not integration.

All Americans need to see themselves as Americans. And all Americans need to accept each other as Americans.

Any ethnic background your parents or family have should be a matter of proud trivia and interesting insight; not identity.

The world’s superpower can never allow themselves to desert the principle of “e Pluribus Unum”. Diversity is a means to an end, not an end in itself.
They haven’t yet. And for all the Americans whose blood boiled as they saw the news of the brazen and brutal beheading of Drummer Lee Rigby, a British veteran of the Afghanistan war, slain in broad daylight on a public street in London by Islamic terrorists born and bred in England, and wondered: why has this not yet happened in America? Your answer is inscribed on every coin and printed on every note.

What are the take-home messages?
• You do not come to America to change it. You come here because it is sure beats the hellhole you came from.
• You do not come to reject American values or teach other values. If you do not accept and teach American values, clear off.
• You do not come to a country to speak your own language. You learn to speak English.
• You do not simply recreate your old country in America. You participate and embrace your new American way of life.
• Unless invited or for special circumstance, you should not fly any other nation’s flag, other than the American. Men have lost their lives fighting under the American flag, and it must be respected.
• You are free to practice any religion you so wish but be aware that the American nation is a Christian one, and will remain that way.

So help you God.