It would be hard to find a man who had more potential excuses for failure, but E.W. Jackson is not an excuse maker.  Rather, he is a tough-minded, courageous man who rejected excuses, choosing instead to take personal responsibility for overcoming barriers liberals claim black men cannot surmount without government assistance.  If you have not yet heard of E.W. Jackson, make a point of learning about him.  He is a conservative, a Christian, a pastor, a former-Marine, and a Harvard Law graduate who also happens to be black.  He is also an exemplary role model for young people of all races.  Jackson is running for Lieutenant Governor of the Old Dominion—the state of Virginia. Consider Reverend Jackson’s take on the Democrat Party (unlike the better known “Reverend” Jackson, E.W. Jackson is really a pastor).  He calls the Democrat Party the “anti-God, anti-life, and anti-family party.” He also claims—rightly so—that Planned Parenthood has been “far more lethal to black lives that the KKK.”

Holding tightly to conservative, Christian views, E.W. Jackson is not exactly the poster child of the NAACP and other organizations that still believe, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, that nanny government is the answer.  Don’t worry.  Reverend Jackson does not let the predictable ranting and raving from leftwing radicals who refuse to accept that a black man can have a conservative worldview stop him or even slow him down.  After all, while others of his generation—white and black—were looking for excuses to fail, E.W. Jackson was serving as a United States Marine where he learned that failure is not an option and excuses are for cowards and quitters.

Mr. Jackson grew up hard.  The story is not new: Parents who separated when he was just a baby, being passed from home to home in foster care, anger, resentment, and, predictably, juvenile delinquency.   Fortunately, before he went too far down the wrong road, Jackson’s father came back into the picture and set him on the right path by applying what is now called “tough love” but in my youth was called being taken out to the wood shed. When given nothing but a daily dose of reality and when excuses are not allowed, one can either ignore the odds and succeed in spite of them or give up and quit.  Fortunately, there is no quit in E.W. Jackson.   I say fortunately, because he is being attacked not just by Democrats, but by milquetoast Republicans—valueless fence sitters who would do America and their party a favor by registering as what they really are: Democrats.

According to WORLD Magazine, here is what the left had to say when Jackson pulled off a surprise upset and won the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor: “…journalists and politicians—including some from within his own party—painted Jackson’s views as too outside the mainstream for public office.  They wrote about how Jackson displayed a Bible and a cross at the entrance to his convention party and that his positions on abortion, gay marriage, and the Democratic Party made him a fanatic with a dangerous agenda.”  According to WORLD, Republicans were no better.  Virginia’s current Lieutenant Governor, Republican Bill Bolling, informed the media that he thought Jackson’s nomination would “…feed the image of extremism, and that’s not where the Republican Party needs to be.”  This kind of mushy-headed nonsense from liberals is par for the course, but coming from a so-called Republican it is hard to take.

E.W. Jackson is an exemplary role model for young people of all races who want to know how to succeed in spite of the obstacles they face.  His is a story straight out of Horatio Alger.  If believing in God and showing it, if taking personal responsibility for one’s life instead of making excuses, and if turning one’s back on government entitlements makes one an extremist in America today, God help us all.  However, I don’t think we have gone that far down the road to self-destruction yet.  Liberal Democrats, mainstream journalists, and weak-kneed Republicans in Virginia may not like E.W. Jackson and his conservative, Christian views, but apparently the people of Virginia do.  They chose him above the other candidates to run for Lieutenant Governor on the Republican ticket.  This raises an interesting question: Is it E.W. Jackson who is out of touch with the people of Virginia or is it those weak-kneed members of his own party who oppose him?

Republicans in Virginia and throughout the United States need to remember the old maxim that says: “If you don’t stand for something, you will stand for anything.” Americans admire people who stand for something worth standing for—people like E.W. Jackson.  They do not admire wishy-washy political opportunists who will believe in anything they think will keep them in office.  Let’s hope and pray that the good people of Virginia have the good sense and gumption to support one of their own, a good man who stands by his beliefs and who does the right thing in spite of the vacuous sniping of people who aren’t worthy to tie his shoes.