In what has been a wildly ridiculous campaign, we may just be seeing “a return to normality”.  Most of the recent polling data suggests that Governor Romney has moved in a slight but demonstrable lead in the race, and this is as it should be with an economy in shambles, and the safety of American interests overseas in question.  My concern is that Republicans have forgotten how to fight from “ahead”.  With this in mind I have developed a simple guide for my fellow Conservatives – to help you, help us, stay in the lead.


1. Stay engaged

2. Stay excited

3. Stay normal


First things first, to keep our lead we must stay engaged.  Watch the debates, keep on eye on the news, and make sure you are up to date on your current events.  It is extremely important in these last few weeks that you are knowledgeable of the “issues” and you can give a coherent defense of conservatism over progressivism.  Be able to explain to your coworker why lower corporate tax rates are good for her, or to your golfing buddy why the healthcare mandate is so dangerous to both freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  If you a friend says “But Romney wants to cut $5 Trillion in taxes for the wealthy!” It is incumbent on you to say, “while cutting taxes is always good… that stat is an outright lie. Romney does plan on cutting taxes but the difference will be made up by closing loopholes in our tax code.”  If a family member brings up Romney’s history at Bain Capital, you should be able to explain why his work history is a plus not a minus.


Secondly, we not only need to be engaged with the issues but we must stay excited! One of the reasons Mitt Romney will win, is the same reason President Obama won by so much in 2008… an energetic electorate.  Your excitement fuels other people, I don’t know how it works, but it does.  It’s the one reason polls are so important – they energize and deflate.  We want to be ahead in the polls not because they mean anything but because positive polls create a positive perception, and you know the old saying “perception is reality”. By nature the squishy middle is full of bandwagon voters and they want to vote for the winner, if we stay positive and energetic… they will drift towards us.  We can turn an important election into a landslide, and that coupled with (hopefully) good leadership and positive advances made over the next four years could be revolutionary for political debate in our country.  If we can win big and turn things around, perhaps we can stem the tide of liberalism and usher in an era of (real) small government and a freer economy.


Lastly, folks you have got to hide your freak side and stay normal.  The average voter doesn’t just not care about whether or not Obama is American, or gay, or a closet communist, or a Muslim, or if there is a conspiracy to hide his college years… these conversations actually push the moderate voter, the undecided voter, the “average” voter away.  I’m not saying I don’t think some of these ideas are important, but they make us ALL look weird. So don’t wear tin foil hats, don’t shout “Amen” when a buddy asks you if you think Obama is a Muslim, and don’t go around telling random folks in Wal-Mart that the President is a homosexual Muslim communist.  It doesn’t help the cause… even if it’s all true. (Disclaimer; I don’t think it is)


So, please follow my 3 easy steps to victory and stay engaged, stay excited, and for the love of Reagan… stay normal!