Great, something else to worry about.
Check it out:

Remember the ending of “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” the first movie in the rebooted “Apes” series? A character who has contracted a deadly contagion, which initially presents itself as a nasty cold, is revealed to be an airline pilot. The route of his plane becomes a computer map showing other planes carrying the people he has infected, rapidly spreading the virus across the globe.

Fortunately, ebola doesn’t spread like that – it’s passed along through contact with infected bodily fluids, rather than being an airborne pathogen that transforms sneezes into shotgun blasts. It is, however, less than comforting to see sweat and saliva listed among the potentially infected fluids. If you’re sitting next to someone who has ebola in a crowded airplane, what are the chances you could come in contact with his sweat or saliva?

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