Oh Canada, Why Canada?
Check it out:

Edmonton caved to Sharia willingly. Islam is the fastest growing religion in Canada. Naturally, the citizens of Canada have bowed to Islamists, not making them embrace Canadian culture. Recently, the Edmonton Police Services have designed a new Islamic hijab uniform, that has already met with approval. While many in Canada have been torn on the issue of issuing an Islamic hijab style uniform, namely French speaking Quebec, Edmonton has fully embraced sharia compliant police uniforms for Muslim women officers. No Muslims have applied for jobs on the police force, nor will they in the foreseeable future. This is preemptive sharia compliance before the Islamists in Edmonton demand sharia appropriate police uniforms.

Edmonton Islamic accommodation has come full circle. Now, Islamists do not have to threaten to get something done. People are falling all over themselves in the name of tolerance to see that Edmonton Muslims are accommodated. Of all the necessities for police work, an Islamic hijab is not one of them.

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