The Patriot or Traitor question is one that has been lobbed all over the media in recent weeks, and depending on the person’s perspective, the answers have come in predictably direct. If you support the NSA, then you likely also believe that Edward Snowden is a traitor to his country. If you believe the NSA spying program is a horrendous miscarriage of justice, then Snowden is a hero for unleashing the information that could eventually lead to its end. I have argued for some kind of middle ground, where Snowden can be seen as a Patriot, but should stand trial for breaking the letter of the law.

I won’t mince words when I say many of our readers have met this thought with derision. Some of you have had very humbling words my naiveté on the subject of Snowden standing trial. I, for my part, think that I have taken the advice graciously.

Dear readers, I am not naïve to the ways of our corrupt government.

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